Saturday, 20. January 2018
Our Services

The Business of the Company

  • The business of the company comprises the following:
  • Lighterage and Stevedoring
  • Clearing and Forwarding
  • Shipping Agency
  • Ship Chartering
  • Haulage
  • Oil Base Services
  • Land and Marine Services



Liner Agency
Brawal Shipping Nigeria Limited is today the Liner agents offering ship husbandry services to Baco Liner, a Germany based Liner company. ANL with which Brawal Shipping Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of, also holds substantial single share with Baco Liner. The line is reputed for its carriage of goods between Europe and West African Ports and one of the highest movers of Cocoa export from Nigeria.

Ship Agency(Port Agency)
Brawal Shipping Nigeria Limited renders ship husbandry services to principals' vessels whose interest are not represented in Nigeria. This involves the physical representation of the ship owner for the owner's account, assisting the ship to have the best possible dispatch. This is done by defending the commercial interest of the ship when in port, ensuring a quick and efficient port call and turn around.

Brawal Shipping Nigeria Limited has an outstanding reputation in the Ship brokerage / charter market. We perform activities relating to the brokering of shipping agreement between ship owners, charterers and shippers, or consignees as the case may be.

In Brawal, we are equipped with the most modern communication technology that connects us with the outside world, manned by tested professionals.

As brokers, we represent one of the parties in charter negotiations and work for the interest of the party. Specifically, our functions include:

-Execute commercial shipping transactions
-Act as agents for a principal / ship owner or charterer
-Gather commercial shipping information through an established global network of contacts
-Record, analyse and distribute relevant idea
-Advice and recommend on shipping markets
-Provide negotiation skills
-Advise & provide contractual documents
-Advise and oversee closing & delivery

Cargo Consolidation
Brawal Shipping Nigeria Limited is in the forefront of cargo consolidation. During the great Cement Armada incident of 1974, through the cargo consolidation process, Brawal Nigeria Limited actively participated in the decongestion of the ports.

In cargo consolidation, we receive and store cargo on behalf of shippers with a view to consolidating large quantities or ship loads in such a way that the company can profitably arrange for ocean or land ward carriage to various destinations.

Brawal Nigeria Limited has over 14, 800sq. Metres of warehouse space spread all over the country thus:

-Lagos – 6000 sq. metres of warehouse space
-Port Harcourt – 6000sq. Metres of warehouse space
-Old Warri port – 8000sq. Metres of warehouse space
-New Warri port – 2000sq. Metres of warehouse space

The company operates one of the best security networks thereby guaranteeing the security and safety of clients' goods.

Clearing and Forwarding
In Brawal Shipping Nigeria Limited we specialize among other things in container handling, bulk cargo, wet cargo and air freighted cargo handling.
We have successfully handled, cleared and transported heavy duty industrial, very large awkward cargo like Turbines, Masks to various industrial and refinery sites.

We are reputed for clearing/delivery of bulk cargo like salt, chemicals, fertilizer, iron rods/steel, ceiling boards, cement, vehicles etc... with no recirds of any loss or damage.

The department is manned by seasoned professionals who know their onions and are familiar with the import and export procedures, customs and excise legal requirements, the tariff, documentations and customs clearing process.

Our dedicated clearing team are specialists in various aspects of the job and have good rapport/relationship with various government agencies e.g NAFDAC, SON, NDLEA, Customs, NPA etc.

We also offer advisory services to our clients(if required) by preparing Form M, computation of import duties etc. We follow up at every stage to ensure safe and speedy delivery that saves both time and money.

We also render other services which include:

-Ship Management
-Offshore Supplies
-Marine Insurance Representation
-Surveys and Inspection
-Sales and Purchase Agency
-Special Transport related Project
-Maritime Consultancy

HD Commander moored against offshore Platform
Diver with Inspection ROV Unit