Saturday, 20. January 2018


Brawal Shipping Bases within Kirikiri Phase I, Apapa

The above operational base comprises 6, 000sq metres of warehouse space and supporting paved stacking areas of 19, 000sq. Metres together with a workshop and repair facilities for our plants, equipment and containers.

Port Harcourt (ONNE) EPZ Zone


  • Federal Ocean Terminal
-A parcel of land of about 10 hectares in extent with a waterfront width of 350 metres.


  • Federal Lighter Terminal
-6000sq. Metres warehouse plus ancilliary offices of 192sq. Metres


-Paved stacking area of 3.2 hectares including 9, 400sq. Metres of stacking area used as oil service base.


-370 metres of waterfront


-Parcel of land – 5 hectares in extent to be used for warehouse development and paved stacking area.


-Parcel of land – 18 hectares extent for warehousing, residential and stacking area development.



  • Old Port
-100sq. Metres of office space
-800sq. Metres of warehouse space
-6, 000sq. Metres of paved stacking area
-150 metres of waterfront

New Warri Port

-200sq. Metres of warehouse space
-800sq. Metres of paved stacking area

-1000sq. Metres of waterfront together with 2, 500sq. Metres of paved stacking area.

HD Commander moored against offshore Platform
Diver with Inspection ROV Unit